questions.png During the introductions and overview talks a number of open questions / big issues were mentioned. Those are collected here as keywords - treat them as a "to do" list for the workshop...

Open Questions

Ralph Blumenhagen

Mathematical issues in model building:
  • sheaves for heterotic strings
  • G4-form flux in F-theory
  • biased landscape counting
  • M5-brane instantons intrinsically
  • geometric transitions in compact models

Moduli stabilization issues:
  • dynamical stringy realization of gauge mediation without any prior fixing of some moduli by hand
  • dynamical realization of large extra dimensions (LVS) without light scalars
  • dynamical realization of inflation
  • stabilization of IIB/F-theory & other moduli taking mutual conditions for fluxes/branes/instantons into account
  • universal predictions for certain classes of string models