The idea is to get people together in nice environments, share some tasty food and have a good time to get to know each other.


dinner.pngThe first dinner on Thursday, March 11th, was held at the Italian restaurant Bucatini.
The second dinner on Thursday, March 18th, was held at the Indian restaurant The Taj Cafe.
The third dinner on Thursday, March 25th, was held at The Beachside Bar/Cafe just down the UCSB hill.
The fourth dinner on Wednesday, March 31st was held at the Mexican restaurant El Torito right next to the beach of downtown Santa Barbara.
The fifth dinner on Thursday, April 8th was a barbecue on Goleta beach.
The sixth dinner on Thursday, April 22th was again held at the Italian restaurant Bucatini.
The seventh dinner on Thursday, April 29th was held at the Indian restaurant The Taj Cafe .


Beach Barbeque

On Wednesday, May 12th there was the KITP beach barbeque at Goleta beach.
Photos are available here.



The soccer match "StringPheno vs. Exoplanets + Glasses" ended 3:1.


Whale watching

The sixth week's social event was the KITP whale watching tour, on Thursday, April 15 from 12:00 - 2:30 pm.


Sakura organized a hike on Saturday, April 17.

Detailed plan for Saturday, April 17:

hiking.png1. Aliso and Oso Canyon Trails
This is supposed to be very pretty now with spring flowers.
800' + 700' elevation gain. 7.5mile round trip (can be shortened to 4 mile round trip if necessary).