Welcome to the official wikispace for the

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics program

Strings at the LHC and in the Early Universe

March 8, 2010 - May 14, 2010

Coordinators: Ralph Blumenhagen, Mirjam Cvetič, Paul Langacker, and Herman Verlinde

Scientific Advisors: Eva Silverstein, Washington Taylor


This program has ended - those pages remain for reference and overview of the discussed topics.


  • This wiki is a platform for storing references and other resources, scheduling events, introductions and conversations among program participants. Program participants and researchers who are following the activities remotely are encouraged to add discussion or add new pages. (You must become a member to add or edit pages.)

Getting started

  • Learning to use this wiki is no harder than learning to use email with a WYSIWYG editor. To try your hand at using this platform, you can go to the KITP practice wikispace. There, you will find illustrations of how to add tables, files, images, mathematical expressions, etc. You will also find a list of all previous KITP wikis from which you may get some idea how others have exploited this platform.

Need Help?

  • Benjamin Jurke has volunteered to be the wikimaster for our program. He can be reached by email here.